Sprouting Anew

Sprouting Anew

Sometimes the simplest of things can make a beautiful and thought-provoking photograph. I took this a while back, but still I think it’s one of my favorites. I see the tiles as negativity, holding us down, but through our fears and disturbed emotions, we can still sprout anew.


Speak in Riddles

Speak in riddles, silver tongue
Listening to words you’ve sung
Lean on me, trust me, dear
Please believe the words you hear

Speak in riddles, tell half truths
Even still, those lies can soothe
Don’t give up on what you need
Words that I would love to heed

Speak in riddles, give me faith
Tear it away with so much grace
Then rebuild hope through my tears
Hold me, keep me safe from fear

Speak in riddles I hate to love
Would you please take off those damn kid gloves
I hate when you’re right, that may be true
But I really hate how I feel about you

Speak in riddles, silver tongue
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Stay with me just one more night
Hold me this time, make me feel all right

Don’t speak in riddles anymore
I’m begging you, unlock the door
Trust in you, then trust in me
Show me what it is you see

Answer me in your riddles again
Trust me, lean on me and then
Wait for it, fight for it, go in for the kill
If your riddles mean you, baby, I will

Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly Feeder

I took this photograph at Butterfly World in Gainesville, Florida. I considered it to be a fitting first photo, considering I recently took a quiz stating my primary animal totem was a butterfly. The quiz was incorrect – the snow tiger is my primary totem – but I felt connected to the butterfly anyway. It symbolizes renewal and rebirth. I am in Florida for those things specifically, so I felt this photograph was appropriate.

Freedom of the Leaves

Leaves fly free in the Fall
At last the trees have released them
But only in death does the freedom call

A young girl who stands outside her school
Pain in her eyes; she’s afraid to go home
The hell she calls her life, her world can be so cruel

Through her eyes you see a different world
On her arms lie all the scars
Given by the man who made her

There are no words to describe what she feels
Trying so hard to survive
Built up inside are so many fears

She turns to walk home, dragging her feet
Her heart pounds with what’s to come
Tonight will be the night she admits defeat

Neighbors don’t want to get involved
The painful screams from that dreadful house
The police remain uncalled

As the morning breaks, she’s become like the leaves
Released from the horrors and the fears
But only in death do those fateful trees set her free


Before I begin my blog, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made this possible. I have had writer’s block for several years and due to various people, I have found it within myself to reclaim my position as a novelist. It has not been an easy road, with writing or life, and the following people have made my journey easier.

My mother and father, Lori and Stephan Grove, have always supported my future and my writing, even ¬†when I was doing nothing with either. They have stood by me in my darkest times and have made it possible for me to begin writing again. My grandfather, Jerry Kravitz, has probably been one of the biggest supporters of my creativity. He asked me every now and again whether I had finished anything, which always made me feel guilty when I had to say no. Here’s hoping I won’t have to say “no” much longer. My sister, Kaleigh Wyrick, has been beside me in my writing since the beginning, ten years ago. She has seen the start and middle, and now I hope to show her the final product. Ben and Rita Boyce are some of the best friends a girl could ask for. They have opened their hearts to me and shown me what true friendship is, allowing me to stay strong in physical solitude. I know i am not alone as long as I have them beside me. They, along with others, have kept me strong. Christina Henson, you have known me since high school and through all my dysfunctions, then and now, you have always stood by me and supported me. You are truly an inspiration with everything you’ve been through and are doing. Finally, Jordan Walker, you are the reason I am still here today to write this and my novels. You saved me when I couldn’t save myself and stood by me through many dark times. For that, you may well be one of my biggest muses.

I thank you all for being there for me. There are many more whom I haven’t listed that have assisted in my ability to write, but if I mentioned them all, my foreword would be just as long as my novel.

I have mentioned my book numerous times now and I suppose I should let my readers know that this blog will not contain my novel. It will, however, contain a myriad of poetry that I have written and will continue to write. I hope to publish a new poem every other Monday. Once my novel is complete, I will post a preview so my readers can see if it is of interest to them.

I hope to have feedback on my poetry here and invite critique as well. I hope you all enjoy my work and thank you again to those who have made this possible.