Speak in Riddles

Speak in riddles, silver tongue
Listening to words you’ve sung
Lean on me, trust me, dear
Please believe the words you hear

Speak in riddles, tell half truths
Even still, those lies can soothe
Don’t give up on what you need
Words that I would love to heed

Speak in riddles, give me faith
Tear it away with so much grace
Then rebuild hope through my tears
Hold me, keep me safe from fear

Speak in riddles I hate to love
Would you please take off those damn kid gloves
I hate when you’re right, that may be true
But I really hate how I feel about you

Speak in riddles, silver tongue
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Stay with me just one more night
Hold me this time, make me feel all right

Don’t speak in riddles anymore
I’m begging you, unlock the door
Trust in you, then trust in me
Show me what it is you see

Answer me in your riddles again
Trust me, lean on me and then
Wait for it, fight for it, go in for the kill
If your riddles mean you, baby, I will


3 thoughts on “Speak in Riddles

  1. Great Job on this! It is so full of emotion. By far one of your best pieces yet. I truly think this is good enough to be a song. Keep on writing. You are truly blessed as a poetess.

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